Alertiee: AI driven indoor risk monitoring and analytics

Harness the power of your surveillance system to protect your customers, maximise footfall and meet the ever-evolving challenges of Covid-19 legislation. Real-time smart risk monitoring – from

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An all-in-one solution that uses your existing surveillance system to detect mask compliance among employees and customers, optimise traffic flow and maximise occupancy for your business while making sure your business stays as a safe environment for your customers.

We use current information on the risk of the spread of the virus as it relates to both wearing a mask and maintaining social distance. 

We use this information to constantly calculate the risk level in your establishment and notify you if you need to take action. With the ability to continuously monitor high-risk times and areas, your business can be confident that it is doing all it can to contribute to the safety of your community, your employees, and your future.

Key features

Multi-dimensional risk analysis system

Our solution takes into account your stores’ environment and contextualises that with the local risk for instance the local R rate, mask wearing in your store, customer flow, and date and time to perform a risk analysis.

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Real-time occupancy adjustment and customer flow

Keep customers and employees safe with real time maximum capacity adjustment, ensuring that you are having the optimal, safest foot fall through your business. An automated display upon entrance informs customers and controls the flow of your customers into the business.

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Actionable insight

Regular notifications to your staff; Emergency messages when a notable change in risk levels is detected, and real-time occupancy and mask wearing display on the entrance monitor for your customers.

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The way our mask detection and occupancy risk analysis system works means that any business or establishment who deals with members of the public can benefit. From freeing up members of staff that currently have to monitor each customer as they enter the store, to providing real time alerts for non-compliance or high-risk behaviour and crowding, we can transform the way you do business post-pandemic.

When the time comes for your business to make adjustments for new legislation or exponential business growth, we can help you make informed decisions by providing accurate reporting on daily foot traffic, suggestions for improvements to store layout, and minimum/ maximum occupancy as it corresponds to safety and prospective profit.


AI Technology

Detect mask wearing to assess in store riskCombined Shape 1 Combined Shape

Optimal Occupancy

Calculate and adjust occupancy levels at your storesfamily 1family

Social Distancing Monitoring

Cluster analysis and flow monitoring in the storekeep distance 1keep distance

Seamless Integration

Our software works with your existing surveillance systemsurveillance 1surveillance

GDPR Compliant

Anonymous analysisvirtual private network 1virtual private network

Instant Updates

Always know the risk level in your storenotification 2 1 notification 2

Analytic Portal

Dashboard with real-time reports, trends and leaderboardincrease 1 increase

Technical Support

Technical team for hardware and software issuestools 1tools


Camera authentication system and secure accesskey 2 1key 2

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