Why Altifio?

Innovative solutions to modern challenges

We use design thinking to not only create solutions for the challenges you face, but advance the way we live and move in our communities.

About us

We are creators, solving problems through innovation and scalable products that meet typical needs, and consultancy that is based on years of experience in customer-centric solutions, AI, and analytics.

We excel in bringing big ideas to life by establishing strategic goals, working within realistic projects, and creating flexible products that drive innovation.

How we can help

As a team of industry experts, engineers, designers we thrive in bringing new ideas to life and change the way companies and end-users adopt, utilise and embrace artificial intelligence, analytics and data.

If you have a new idea, proposal or simply a mission to create a new digital value proposition, a digital product prototype, or artificial intelligence proof of concept we are here to support you in your journey. You might also want to know about your competitors or insights about your customers, we have extensive knowledge about different industries too. Please check our service page.

Our latest products

Please look at our latest products and off the shelf solution ranging from fully cloud-based ai-driven software as a service to digital product for end-customers

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Our team

Everything we do at Altifio is possible because of our awesome, curious, and determined team of experts. We are very proud of the team we have built so far. All of our employees are unique individuals who are united in being:


be open to challenges, changes, and new opportunities, always maintain a positive outlook


driven, convinced that the work they’re doing is for the betterment of their communities and the world


forward-thinking and innovative, our team is always coming up with new, better ways of solving problems


all-around exceptional, constantly learning and driven to be the best they can be

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