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We help companies in bringing creative and innovative customer-centric digital products to market,
resulting in higher engagement by customers and additional revenue for the business.
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More than 10,000 hours of coding
time by our team.
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We have a proven track
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Live products
We've successfully launched
AI-enabled platform.


We assist businesses in developing new sales opportunities and membership-driven
communities through spoke platforms


Digital B2B and B2C marketplace platform

We help you in standing out with your bespoke online marketplace that connects vendors, sellers, and suppliers to buyers and customers all in one place.
Our solution enables you to create an engaging, user- and mobile-friendly personalised marketplace where users may offer various products, services, experiences, and assets.

AI-enabled platform

AI-enabled platform and dashboards for data-driven businesses

We help you in leveraging your digital tools as a competitive advantage by incorporating ML and AI as extra layers to your new or current systems.

Our AI-enabled product development solution enables you to deploy machine learning models from a variety of frameworks, languages, platforms, and tools in a single place.

Digital product

Web application and software development

We assist you in bringing to life your idea of digital products that benefit customers, increase business growth, and alleviate bottlenecks.

Our digital product development allows you to combine best-in-class development and exceptional design in a single process for a simpler, safer, and faster software development process.



We've had a lot of successful digital products, some of which we've managed and are still developing as products.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is to provide end-to-end knowledge and skill sets in innovating, designing, and
developing digital products.



We can help you re-imagine how you operate as a business with the help of

customer inovation

Customer centric innovation

We deliver a step-by-step strategy
to bringing more customer-centric solutions to market.

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Ethical AI solution

We are experts in developing
AI-powered platforms that are fair,
reliable, safe, and inclusive.

Our process

Here is our 5-stage design, development and digital product management life-cycle process, along with costs.


Every new digital innovation tool, such as a marketplace, AI-platform, or internet, you might need expert advice on how and why it should be developed. During the discovery phase, we collect all of your business and technical needs while also putting everything in the context of consumers and users.

The end result will be a well-thought-out project scope document that you can share with your team.

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1 Week
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Senior developers, Product manager
icons8 Material Outlined Audit
Project scope document – PDF file.
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During this phase, we apply the "Design Thinking" idea of the three E's: empathy, expansive thinking, and experimentation to identify consumer requirements and the appropriate user journey for your new platform. This manner, we can assist you and your company in developing the proper product that customers will love and enjoy using. We use XD, Figma, sketch to complete the UX and UI task.

The end outcome would be a high-fidelity design file with a demo and a clickable mockup.

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2 to 4 weeks
icons8 iOS Glyph People
Product Manager, Senior Designer
icons8 Windows 10 Design
Demo and design file.
icons8 iOS Glyph British Pound
£5k – 15k depends on scope


We build in weekly agile development sprints. During a build week, you may observe the progress of our project by visiting the project management board and knowing that our team is working hard to complete each milestone. With each version, we will make it simple for you and your team to provide us with feedback.

The end product will be a fully functional and customer-centric platform. At the end of this phase, we release the platform to the market, or go LIVE! congratulation.

icons8 Material Outlined Clock
6 weeks to 10 weeks
icons8 iOS Glyph People
Product Manager, development team, product owner
icons8 iOS Filled Service
Fully functional platform
icons8 iOS Glyph British Pound
£10k – 100k depends on scope


After the final release, our staff will remain fully connected for 30 days to ensure that everything is functioning as expected. This is referred to as the review phase, but in truth, it is used to ensure that nothing is missing from your exception.

During this stage, you may organise your other activities, such as marketing and advertising, to ensure that you are ready to launch your product with confidence and maximum effect.

icons8 Material Outlined Clock
30 days
icons8 iOS Glyph People
PM, Developer
icons8 iOS Filled Live Photos
Live platform on your domain
icons8 Material Two Tone No Hidden Fee British Pound
Free, included


We believe in continuous improvement, and each product we create for our clients is an extension of our company and experience. We take our support seriously, and we work with you to ensure that your new product is based on customer feedback.

WE will offer two forms of assistance:
regular maintenance 2. new follow-up builds based on the revised development roadmap

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icons8 iOS Glyph People
PM (+ team as needed)
icons8 Material Sharp Launch
Iterative launches
icons8 iOS Glyph British Pound
Depends on team capacity


Here is our actionable, insightful, and objective outlook on our communities
and the world's future.

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